Miracle Morning

After almost 3 years, I decided to build the miracle morning again, with an absolute determination. “When the alarm clock beeps in the morning, consider it to be akin to life’s first gift to us. It’s the gift of time to dedicate to becoming the person you need to be to achieve all of your […]


Success I made a little, but failure I made a crack hole. Let’s talk about this failure. I think I met it twice. It seems like whenever I saw someone better than me, I feel very bad inside because I think I know that stuff better. But when I realize the truth, I feel ashamed. […]

Setting up a failure

I’m stuck. But I do not give up Thought the start of this semester would save me. I need to remember that I’m still in a crisis. I could never let my guard down. There are so many I want to achieve and become. Why my motivation is so low at this moment? No time […]


I’m still trapped in this endless cycle. It’s only a couple of days left before a new school year, and I’m totally not ready. I haven’t finished the report. I haven’t studied anything. I haven’t established my routine. Everything is fucked up. And a big worry is awaiting me, like a massive weight hanging on […]

Last day of every temptation

To be honest, I think my true passion is music, and science is second to that. But today, I decided to get rid of all other stuff but my study, including my instruments. My time is finite, and I can’t be good at everything. I chose to sacrifice my hobby. I also put my phone […]

Point Defect

This is no life in this cycle. And it has begun. My problem keeps happening time and time again. This is a sign of unresolved issue. If I want to discover it, I think I have to enter a psychosis. Why am I walking astray? The recent failure from physics class is just a final […]

LASER project

My life is full of undone projects, yet this time I will finish another one anew. I notice lately that my concentration has decreased drastically, much lower than the usual bar that I set for myself. Though self-monitored continuously, I can’t help but fall into those pitfalls of interruption. This urges me to replenish my […]


I can feel the procrastination. It’s so prominent now. I don’t know how it gradually becomes an obstacle in my routine. I hate to admit it but I am a procrastinator, and I have to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Professor Fuller just sent me an email, and I’m glad that he didn’t […]


They got me this time. I played 55 hours of Dota Underlords last week. Needless to say, this was a disaster. I can’t remember how I fell into this trap but a prominent factor is due to my procrastination. Now I have to run. Surely enough I know this should be ended, and I have […]

Inertia. New Beginning

These days, concentration is expensive. I couldn’t focus on my tasks. Constantly disrupted by external stimuli, those unproductive kinds. I’m lost and no longer maintain the focus. I hereby failed. This summer has been a great experience for me. I accomplished a lot of things in tandem. But I still feel like I could have […]